McKinsey : Germany lacking almost 100,000 data specialists

According to a recent McKinsey study, Germany needs 95,000 more data experts. Companies, organisations and institutions collect and collate data, but to really make headwinds into competitive international markets what really matters is the analysis and evaluation of this data. There are a few firms working hard to plug this big-data skills shortage and improve existing analytical capabilities (including DATA-DACH!), an example being a Berlin-based start-up by the name of StackFuel. Instead of offering a highly theoretical online course with a one-size-fits-all product, the StackFuel concept is essentially to develop a learning programme with practical online training, customised to their client’s requirements. The founders, Leo Marose and Stefan Berntheisel launched dataX Academy in 2016. This resulted in StackFuel , which was able to acquire further capital. More recently, they have made some big wins, namely in bringing on board Telefónica Germany- a signal that the continuing education of data experts for companies is becoming increasingly important. “With the help of complex data analysis and artificial intelligence, we are gaining important insights for all areas of the company so that we can better meet the requirements of a new generation of customers,” said Thorsten Kühlmeyer, Head of Business Analytics & AI at Telefónica Deutschland. “We need to continually educate our data experts on this, be it in coding, modeling or data visualization, and StackFuel has developed an interactive learning platform that meets our needs as a digital enterprise (…) I am very confident that their platform is the right innovative learning format for our colleagues. ” Through the online training offered by StackFuel, Telefónica Deutschland trains employees for its Business / Artificial Intelligence department. The demand for skilled workers is also the case on a global scale. In the US it has been estimated that almost 3 million data experts are missing. As early as 2020, the big data market is set to grow by € 50 billion, with experts estimating annual growth as high as 30 percent. Germany is just the beginning for StackFuel- “Companies often do not know what to do with their data volumes” according to StackFuel’s CTO Stefan Berntheisel. That’s why they are gradually rolling out its offering across Europe and intends to establish itself as the leading provider of data analytics.

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